Welcome to the 2018 CASA Elections! 

You’ll find below the candidate information for the CASA Executive Team, Subsidiary Presidents, and Independent Directors for our Board of Directors.

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Debate Schedule

CASA President

Karina Bosca


My name is Karina Bosca and I am running for President of CASA JMSB. As soon as I got into JMSB, I knew that I wanted to add value to my university experience by getting involved. In my first year, I was selected to be the First Year Representative for CASA X. At the time, CASA X was the promo team of CASA and our mandate consisted of promoting CASA’s events as well as organizing all weekly 5x8s. During the Fall semester, I shadowed all positions within the team and I assisted everyone with their respective tasks. During the Winter Semester, CASA hired an additional team of brand ambassadors and I was selected to become their manager. That was my first experience as a leader and I loved every minute of it.

This year, I was offered the role of CASA X Coordinator. I am managing a team of 20 brand ambassadors and supervising the organization of the now bi-weekly 5x8s. The role has challenged me on many levels and I am grateful for everything it has taught me. I believe I gained the tools and experience to become a leader that can bring CASA to provide greater value to student life at JMSB.

My platform, as a candidate for CASA JMSB’s 2018-2019 President, is based on three pillars: Academics, Community, and Social.


  • Increase the funds given to associations within CASA to work with them to offer students FREE tutorials during midterms or finals season.
  • Organize more speaker panels and networking events to provide students with more tools to succeed.
  • Work on expanding the CASA+ tutoring application by increasing the number of tutors available.


  • Install more software on the computers in CASA’s Computer Lab in S1 (Adobe Photoshop, SAP, Visio). Students will be able to do their own personal projects as well as school assignments on those computers.
  • Offer a laptop charger, phone charger, and calculator rental service for students.
  • Organize monthly tabling and lobbying sessions for CASA and CASA X to be able to connect with students at JMSB.


  • Organize a welcome back event in the first weeks of the Winter semester for new students starting their first semester at JMSB as well as for all returning students.
  • Organize bigger and better bi-weekly 5x8s by improving the structure of CASA X This will attract more students to the events and offer them an opportunity to meet new people.

In short, I want to bring value to all students at JMSB. My main priority, if elected, will be to make sure that students are aware of all the services that are offered to them so that they can fully take advantage and make the most out of their university experience.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to me by email at karinabosca@gmail.com.

You can also go like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KarinaforPresident/

Most importantly, do not forget to…

[V]alue [O]pportunities [T]o [E]volve with Karina!

CASA VP Finance

Tristan Lessard

My name is Tristan and I am currently completing a 4th year at JMSB. I am majoring in Finance, with a recently added minor in Real Estate.

The history of Tristan starts 23 years ago, no farther than in Montreal itself. I grew up as an athlete practicing Judo and American Football for approximately 13 years combined, before a solid collarbone injury put me out of use. Those 2 sports taught me discipline, righteousness and respect which I’ve been able to apply to any sphere of my life since then.

From as far as I remember, I’ve always been a joyful and easy-going person, stress-free and extrovert. Aside from my energy, my smile is a capital asset that I like to leverage to generate more smiles in my entourage. Also, I am a very rational, logical and down on earth person. I’ve always love numbers hence why I chose this major and inevitably, this position. I am a very critical thinker and love to question anything twice to make sure it’s worth.

Indeed, considering my personality, I am very sociable and love to meet people which is the main reason why I first got involved in university. My involved background started 3 years ago, while I was commencing my 2nd year at JMSB. I got to be a frosh leader where I realized how amazing was the student life at JMSB. That is where the love story begins as I started my implication as a part of Case Competitions, as a member of the Social team. Furthermore, I saw how much you can learn and improve outside of your classes and extend your network even more throughout the events that are the case comps.

Last year, as of August 2016, I started to work on my biggest university project which was organizing the competition itself. I was part of the organizing committee for the Jeux du Commerce, acting as the VP Sponsorship with an amazing colleague. For a full year, my job was to bring value, either with money or in kind, to the competition. We were running on a high budget and we had an account to fill to respect this budget.

Seeing the money movements in such a big project made me want to apply for VP Finance as I have been more than impress with how my VP Finance has dealt with money as she insured that every penny brought by me and my colleague would bring as much value as possible.

So here I am, January 2018, applying for my new biggest project with this vision of value.

CASA VP External Affaires

Lee Alejandro Boswell

Hey! My Name is Lee Alejandro Boswell and I’m running for VP External Affairs.

Over the past year I have been working with many student associations, whether it be volunteering for subsidiary events, working behind the scenes with the CASA executive team, or planning, running, and promoting events as a member of CASA X.

With my involvement, experience, and knowledge, I am the best candidate for VP External.

My platform is simple. I want JMSB to bigger, better, and ultimately a school that can offer more value to its student. We will aim to not only be the best business school in Canada, but will strive to be a school that consistently delivers the best opportunities for our students, both past and present.

I will be focusing on initiatives determined by how they work FOR YOU, helped BY YOU, and how, ultimately, they will work WITH YOU


For you is focused on best ensuring CASA is providing the necessary discounts students deserve. This will be done in two ways: increasing the usage of the CASADEALS app, which will allow us to increase the amount of restaurants/bars that want to be a part of CASADEALS. In order to increase the usage, upon being elected as your VP External, I will initiate a second donuts and coffee day which will be repeated during midterms and exams during my mandate. In order to receive a free donut and coffee, all you will have to do is download CASADEALS, screenshot the installation, and send it to your CASA team. This is simple, effective, and will allow us to expand.


focuses on branding: making sure others know we’re number one Canada wide. We know we’re number one, yet consistently it’s a school, 15 minutes down the street, that gets favourable media attention. It’s about time that is changed. Using our alumni, I will help launch a media effort to ensure that JMSB receives the recognition we deserve. We consistently win. Let’s make sure Canada knows that too.


With you is about making sure our sponsors are working with you, and giving JMSB the best chances for success. In order to do this, I will be launch a second career during, which will take place in the first week of winter semester. This invitation will also be extended to past alumni who have had success, whether it being working for a desirable company or having entrepreneurial success. Let’s give JMSB students the best chance for post-graduate success, and let’s start that now.

As your 2018-2019 VP External we will work together to ensure that JMSBers have the best access to discounts, receive the recognition we deserve, and ultimately have the best access to future employers.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at lee.alex.boswell@gmail.com

From February 12-15, vote Lee for VP

For more information on my platform, please visit www.facebook.com/ Lee4DaVPExternal/

Keira Baldwin

Hi my name is Keira Baldwin. I am a bilingual, driven, and dynamic first year student studying Marketing at the John Molson School of Business. I have chosen to run for Vice President of External affairs, as I am a very outgoing, energetic, and determined person. I am originally from Kelowna, British Columbia, but I decided to move to Montreal in hopes to expand my network and receive an amazing education at JMSB.

I’ve always wanted to impact my school’s student body, so I knew right away that I wanted to get involved with the Commerce and Administration Student Association. After immersing myself into the community, I was chosen as CASA’s First Year Representative. It has been an amazing experience as I was able to view how each member contributes to the team, and what is required in order for the team to succeed. This position has taught me many aspects that I can’t wait to apply if elected as VP External. I have learnt how to be an effective and efficient member of a team and how to bring about success. Not only have I learnt how to execute my duties, but I have learnt how to be there for the people on my team and to offer them my support. This experience has been an amazing introduction to the CASA Executive team and I really hope to continue my growth in the future.

I am running for VP External as I believe in face to face relationships. I’m someone who really loves to talk, which is key when looking at good characteristics for a spokesperson. I want to focus on three main factors as VP External. My first goal is to create and maintain amazing sponsorships. I will do this by meeting with companies in person and by creating a professional relationship built on trust and reward. My second goal is to bring more awareness to the CASA Conference Program (CCP). Going to a conference is a great way to expand your knowledge and gain insight. I want to make this possible for more JMSB students. I seek to improve the conference budget, allowing more people to discover their opportunities and passions. As for my third goal, I wish to continue expanding the CASAJMSB deals app in our community. I want to assure that students are satisfied with their deals and their overall experience. I also want to reassure that all of our partnerships are satisfied with the growth of their business, in hopes that they maintain relationships with CASA each year. I am excited that I have the opportunity to potentially implement these goals and I am willing to commit my time and passion into making this possible.

I believe that I would be a great asset to the CASA executive team in order to impact JMSB students. I am hard working and willing to learn as I go. I want to be Vice President of External Affairs so I can bring the business community straight to you. Vote Keira Baldwin for VP External!

Anojan Kanagalingam

Hello fellow JMSB students, my name is Anojan Kanagalingam, I am second year JMSB student majoring in accounting. I am always encouraging people to get involved in University life as I truly believe that your involvement enhances your overall experience as a student. My participation, support and help in a range of JMSB events has motivated me to further get involved this year and run for Vice President of External Affairs in the CASA JMSB election.

As VP External I look forward to being the primary liaison between CASA JMSB and bodies outside the University. I will make it my goal to maintain corporate relations with these entities in order bring added value and benefits to you fellow JMSB students. I truly believe that with my character, enthusiasm, social and communication skills I would make an excellent candidate for the position. Public presentations have always been a strong asset of mine and I look forward to use this experience to better JMSB student life.

I have heard enough of your complaints regarding the lack internship opportunities and difficulty in finding full time employment. That is why I have taking the initiative in my mandate to partner with Career Management Services (CMS) Concordia to bring to you an all new Career Fair in the upcoming academic year. A career fair that will be balanced with companies from all the different disciplines of commerce and one that will be sure to address all your concerns. Secondly, my goal is to not only maintain and renew the currents sponsors that CASA JMSB holds but I have set the objective of acquiring three new sponsors for JMSB so we can better fund academic and social activities. Lastly, I am eager to work one of JMSB’s most popular academic events; the annual Business Banquet that allows many students to have a one on one interaction with recruiters from various industries. Despite the event no being held last year I look forward to making this year’s edition of the banquet a special one for you all.

Apart from the External’s mandate, in order for the CASA team to successfully represent the students’ best interest, a group effort is necessary. I have always been a team player and am ready to assist the upcoming team in any way possible so we can fulfill all our mandates collectively.

I strongly encourage the JMSB student body to take a minute out of your busy schedules to go vote during polling period as this CASA executive team will be representing you all in the academic year of 2018-2019. Make sure to vote for Anojan if you want an individual well suited for Vice President of External Affairs!

VP Internal Affaires

Minhajul Mannan

Greetings fellow JMSB students, I am Minhajul Mannan, running for the position of CASA’s VP Internal Affairs in our 2018 elections. I’d like to bring my professional and personal experiences onto a platform that will allow me to make a positive impact on our student body. I am a second year JMSB student doing a Bachelor’s in Finance. I am also a Canadian Armed Forces soldier, currently stationed in an infantry reserve base here in Montreal. This has been my career for almost 3 years now, and I hold the rank of Corporal. Being a student and a soldier at the same time has given me the unique training to becoming an organized and motivated person while being highly determined and flexible at the same time. I have always enjoyed public speaking and working with a wide diversity of people. As your VP Internal Affairs, it would be my responsibly to act as a bridge between CASA and its subsidiaries. I’d like to give my time, effort, and skills to this job, and I feel that I have acquired the necessary experience needed to get things done. As your VP Internal Affairs, I’d have duties which require logistical and communications skills. I would act as a secretary, liaison, and an arbitrator to facilitate activities within and between CASA, its subs, and the BOD. My career in the army has put me into many chaotic situations where I had to think on my feet. It has also taught me the importance of preparation and proper communication. In the line of duty, and even in everyday life, those things can have a huge impact on ourselves and others. I have always been a firm believer that being involved in extra curricular activities in school is a great opportunity to grow. I’d like to take on a role that will allow me to assist the association in continuing to deliver an enhanced student experience to all of you. Going to class is important, but so is the overall environment we experience when we walk through those broken JMSB doors ;).

VP Academic & Student Affairs

Katherine Purchase

My name is Katherine Purchase and I am running to be the CASAJMSB Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs. Next year, I will be going into my fifth and final year at JMSB, majoring in accountancy and minoring in BTM. I came to Montreal four years ago from Nova Scotia as an 18-year-old and immediately felt like I had been welcomed into a new home here. I have had the opportunity to experience a breadth of incredible things over the years. I have been the starting goaltender for the Stingers women’s hockey team as we went from a bottom-of-the-barrel team in my first year to qualifying for nationals and finishing fourth in the country last year. As the current AVP Academics of CASA, I got to spearhead several new initiatives this year that I want to continue expanding next year. I have a full understanding of the role and responsibilities of a VP Academics and I’m confident that I have the skills and knowledge to fulfill them.

I want every single student to have the resources and opportunities to succeed in university and beyond. My vision is for students to be able to get additional help without resorting to paying a ton of money for tutorials. This will be accomplished by the following:

  1. Co-ordinating with the VP Academics of each association to some form of tutorial, be it weekly or an exam review, for the most challenging courses in their major.
  2. The launch of the CASA+ application was a huge step forward in offering affordable tutoring services. I want to continue increasing awareness about this app and get most students at JMSB to have it on their phones. It doesn’t make sense for third-party tutorial companies to be gutting a first year student’s wallet to teach them COMM 215 when there are tons of students here at the school who know z-charts like the back of their hand.

I also want to offer students the opportunity to learn skills that will help them in their internships and future careers. Unfortunately, JMSB has a reputation with employers of not teaching students the technical skills that are needed in the workplace. Therefore, I would like to create workshops on a bi-weekly basis that teach practical skills in areas such as Excel VLookup and PivotTables, SAP, SQL, and more. This will give students the confidence and experience to apply for jobs and internships that require proficiency in these areas.

Lastly, I want to create a crowd-sourced note sharing online resource as a companion to CASA+. There are many paid-for note sharing websites, and there are many people who post their notes on the CASA-JMSB Facebook page – why not combine the two?

I pride myself on being open and approachable to all students who have questions and concerns. If elected, I will continue to listen and look for new ways to improve students’ experiences at school. Feel free to contact me on Facebook with anything else you would like to see!

VP Events

Olivier Alexandre

Who am I and why am I doing this?

My Name is Olivier Alexandre, a second year Marketing and IBUS student, looking to provide even more to the student body. During my second year of involvement at John Molson School of Business, I have come to the realization that even with all these events we provide to the student body, there is still a disconnect between the involved students and the rest of the student body. I believe the student body is looking for more than just “events”. Instead they are looking for valuable information for their academic journey and how to compliment their academic experience. I first hand understood how much value there was in getting involved in my first year of University and ever since I have only felt exponential growth. I really believe that once that first barrier is removed, students will be able to see how much more school as to offer other than the standard 210 and 217 classes. I do regret hearing the “ I should have attended done mores when I was in school”  which is why I want to inform students that may not be aware or are too afraid,  to take the chance and time to fully appreciate,  seek out and enjoy their time at John Molson.

My objectives?

  • Increase the tools made available to our Associations and Committees to help target, reach out and provide to the student body.
  • Provide additional value and experience our major annual events such as Frosh, Halloween and Grad Ball.
  • Create new events that will help out first and second year students understand what is needed pre graduation and what is made available to them post graduation.
  • Increase the overall involvement of current and future students.

How am I doing this?

  • Work with the Students Associations and Committee Presidents and VP Events to ensure a proper roll out of their respective events.
  • Work in tandem with the VP Academic to organize and promote academic workshops and career centred info sessions.
  • Reach out to the student body to understand who they really want to see during our Frosh and Halloween events.
  • Emphasise focus on popular and up and coming Canadian talent like Kaytranada, High Klassified and A-Trak for the Frosh and Halloween Events.
  • Work Closely with Terry Kyle to ensure safer events with proper training and contingencies measures to avoid and limit potential risk.
  • Ensure proper allocation of the student fees.

Events on Olivier!

Michael Balliana

Dear Students of JMSB,

My Name is Michael Balliana, but my friends call me Balli. I am a 2nd year student studying finance and you may have seen me at CasaX’s 5×8’s or maybe at frosh (team 1 <3).

Do you guys want some sick events on the 7th floor of the hall building? Me neither.

On the real though, by electing me as your new VP of events you will support the creation of brand new events for students to enjoy.


Some of my ideas include but are not limited to:

  1. A variety of interscholastic social events with other business schools like McGill, HEC, ESG to help establish a better relationship between schools while building our networks. At the end of the day we are all business students and your network is your net worth.
  2. Creating a business conference with local and international speakers in business. The goal would be to bring in some big name entrepreneurs like Casey Neistat (yes,that youtube guy with a big nose). This event will be beneficial for all students who are passionate
  3. Creating a Winter Frosh to replace frosh rewind. This will allow new students who start school in the winter semester to get an opportunity to meet some friends and break the ice with their peers without the need to wait until the beginning of the next fall semester. By organizing this event at the beginning of the semester rather that at the end like frosh rewind, we can ensure the optimal parting and initiating experience before all our scholarly obligations smack us square in the face.

These are only a few of my ideas and I want my campaign to be as inclusive as possible and I will always be open to suggestions. Got a sick idea for a party? Come and pitch it to me and let’s see if we can make it happen.

Now I know what your all thinking. What makes me qualified to be your VP of events?

Well this isn’t my first time getting involved. At the beginning of the year I joined CasaX and I have been a part of every 5×8 ever since. I have learned a lot through the promotion and organization of these events and the skills I have acquired will transition perfectly into this new position. Last year I was a volunteer at the Jeux Du Commerce in Moncton, so I know a thing or two about what makes a huge event successful. Finally, last summer I was one of 4 amazing frosh leaders that led team 1 to victory bottles and bragging rights through tattoos and bleached hair along other insane challenges. Need I say more?


Nicholas Gosset

Hi! My name is (what?)
My name is (who?)
My name is… Nick Gosset,

I see you have stumbled upon this biography, and that can mean either one of three things: you are interested in knowing about my campaigning ideas, you might be showing this to some friends or other students, or you honestly have no clue how you ended up here, but might as well continue reading since you’ve come this far already!

As VP EVENTS, my duty will be to organize large-scale events that are targeted towards JMSB students, in the goal to create value for student life outside of our regular school hours. Being a brand ambassador for CASA X in the past semester and current one too, I have had the opportunity to get an understanding of what JMSB students are looking for when they participate in CASA’s events, and it all revolves around the same ideas: YOU guys want events that have a purpose. YOU guys want interactive events that have more than just music and dancing. Having something unique at each event, whether it’s through the sponsors or through activities, having a WOW factor is what makes an event remarkable… and that is what I want to offer to ALL OF YOU!

Here are a few things I have to offer, and more!

  1. Main Events: Frosh, Halloween Warehouse party, “Get a job career day”, JMSB “IGLOOFEST”, retreat, End of Semester party, and more!
  2. More Frosh Involvement: For first-year students, Frosh is the first sense of what JMSB really is all about, and we give the opportunity to current JMSB students to participate by being Frosh Leaders. I wish to add more current JMSB students to participate, by being Frosh Floaters. Their duty would be similar to Frosh leaders but would include more responsibilities such as continuously creating a dynamic environment and keep people engaged, without having a defined group.
  3. Your Opinions Matter: I want to give JMSB students the opportunity to give feedback as well as suggestions for future events. Having events tailored to YOUR suggestions will create parties that can be unique in every single way. Having the opportunity to improve our weaknesses and explore our strengths can really improve an event’s dynamic.
  4. Halloween Warehouse Party: A warehouse party is ALWAYS a good party. The vibe in a warehouse is a combination of a club and a house party, which makes it unique and customizable. By being capable of creating customize layouts, anything is possible!
  5. “Get a job career day”: This would be a full day event, where there would be guest speakers such as CEO’s as well as workshops on how YOU can get motivated to understand the different paths possible to reaching your career goals. This event would give insight on industry techniques HR uses to recruit their candidates, which can benefit you in an abundance of ways.

Becoming VP Events of Casa has been an objective I have been working towards for the past 2 years, and the opportunity has finally arrived. The passion I have for this position is what will drive me to create successful events that will benefit YOU! Being professional, while also being capable of understanding YOUR desires all while having fun is a necessity.



Visit my Facebook page for more content @NICK4EVENTS

VP Marketing

Arvin Khalesi

Hi my name is Arvin Khalesi (yes Khalesi like in Game of Thrones and yes I do watch the show), I am a 2nd year Marketing major (in transition from Finance) running for VP Marketing of CASA JMSB! I am confident that my experience paired with my drive to provide the most as I can to improve students lives reasons why I will thrive in this position.

I am currently the AVP Marketing of CASA and love every second of it. I started being involved after my first experience at John Molson: Frosh. I had such an amazing time that I wanted to be part of the student group that organized these events. Fast forward a couple months and I was fortunate enough to do exactly that. Not only has CASA provided me with amazing experiences, but I have made lifelong friendships and memories that I will never forget. It is that very passion I have for CASA that I want to bring in the VP Marketing position and nothing brings me more joy than seeing people having a good time at our events.

As VP Marketing I want to provide many workshops hosted by qualified individuals for students. These workshops would include more technical skills in the marketing field such as graphic design, video editing, SEO, e-commerce and other skills that are not seen in much depth (or at all) in our marketing classes. I also want to start a ‘’Humans of JMSB’’ campaign where we can hear stories and introduce students from all kind of backgrounds. There are so many amazing people at JMSB but with the sheer number of students there is no way to meet everybody, which is why I believe this campaign would help bring the community closer together. I have many other projects in mind as well as optimizing of our social media accounts so JMSB students never miss any opportunities we have to offer.

Some interesting things I have done are being part of a student run energy start-up called Uvolt as a Digital Marketer. I also run a social media account I created called Vizuo (#plug) which lead me to be sponsored by many companies such as Daniel Wellington, Anker and Parkland. Lastly, I have over 13 years of martial arts experience which has taught me from a young age to work hard, be disciplined and that anything is possible when the work is put into it (sorry for the cheese mais c’est vrai).

I love meeting new people so feel free to come talk to me! Connect with me on social media, send me a message or shoot me an email at arvin.khalesi@casajmsb.ca and I will answer them as quick as I can!

Thanks for your time, you’re a beauty.

Much Love,
Arvin Khalesi aka Papa Vin

Erin Pasemko

Hey, I’m Erin, thanks for voting today!

My platform is simple: I’m going to make marketing campaigns that are worth your time.

Your fee levies are used toward providing you with a ton of services and events that I want to make sure every student is taking advantage of. Having worked all year as CASA’s AVP Events I know exactly what’s offered to you; my goal as VP Marketing is to make sure you do too. I believe that you deserve marketing campaigns that are accessible, innovative and inclusionary. Here’s how:

  1. Let’s make information as easily accessible as possible. No one should have to scroll endlessly to find something; let’s update casajmsb.ca so that everything you could ever need to know is in one place and easy to navigate. For new students, school associations/committees can be daunting, and searching through each one’s website and facebook page gets quickly overwhelming.

I’ll make it effortless for you with introductory videos. In 60 seconds you’ll get a sense of what the team and their events are like. These videos will give you an easy starting point to familiarize yourself with an association/committee and from there you can follow up with more research on the subsidiaries that interest you.

  1. Tired of seeing the same kind of ads again, and again? Me too. That’s why I do things a little differently. I’m constantly thinking up new promotion strategies to bring you fresh, innovative, memorable content. A vote for me will spice up your news feeds with interesting outside-the-box campaigns. Your time is valuable and the marketing we do should reflect that.
  2. JMSB has an absolutely wonderful community. I would like to see that more students feel even more included as an active part of it. For some, the thought of attending a school event makes their palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy (and that’s fine!) – I think we can help by including more unfamiliar faces in our promoting strategies. The more involvement we can generate the better: let’s reach out to the students that attend classes but don’t feel comfortable getting involved. If you’ve ever felt out-of-the-loop this is your chance to interact with student associations – you can be included in CASA’s marketing. Ad campaigns for you, with you.

I can say that I truly love Marketing. I apply every aspect of it to my work with CASA. But as we know, it takes five to make a successful musical group. N Synch, Back Street Boys, Guns and Roses…

It’s time to add a fifth P to the 4 Ps of Marketing. Move aside Product, Place, Price, Promotion and make room for Pasemko.

Thank you for your vote.

JMAS President

Marco Rossi


My name is Marco Rossi. I am a 3rd year student, studying Accounting and Finance at the John Molson School of Business. I am passionate about helping students succeed and am currently involved in JMSB’s student life. I am looking to become the 2018-2019 JMAS President.

History in the Sport of Triathlon

Prior to my involvement in academic affairs, I was dedicated to the sport of triathlon. I spent much of 2014, 2015 and 2016 swimming, biking and running with the clubs in my area, notably “le Club de Course Synergie de Montreal Nord” & “Club to Natation de Montreal Nord”. I competed in a dozen races of various distances, from sprint to ironman 70.3. The sport has helped me develop patience, discipline and work ethic. I love the sport but have since decided to withdraw from competition to focus on academics and student life.

The John Molson Accounting Society (JMAS)

My involvement in extracurricular activities began in January of 2017 with JMAS. I was selected to provide tutorial services for the intermediate managerial accounting class, ACCO 330. As a volunteer tutor, I helped students understand the concepts and prepare for their midterms and finals. In May of 2017, I became the VP of academic affairs for JMAS, a position that oversees all the free tutorials offered to accounting students. As part of my mandate, I inform the student body of campus services, oversee the mentorship program and organize the CPA for a day case competition. I am very available to the student body and answer questions and messages on a daily basis.

Case Competitions

In early August 2017, I was selected to be an academic delegate for the John Molson Case Competition Committee. I will be representing Concordia at 4 competitions this academic year.

Special Academic Committees

I am the undergraduate representative for the Program Appraisal Committee (PAC) for the Finance department. The PAC is an academic committee that meets every 8 years to assess the current state of the program and provide recommendations for the future.

Faculty Council

As an undergraduate representative on JMSB’s Faculty Council, I have transferable value-added experience that I can add to student body.


My platform as President of JMAS has 2 pillars. The first pillar is to increase the presence of industry firms at our recruitment events. We are aiming to have more students recruited to industry positions.

How will we achieve this goal?

The answer lies in the 2nd pillar. A larger scale Accounting and Leadership conference. The conference will take place over a weekend, including a case competition and 2 opportunities to speak to recruiters.


My current involvement in JMSB’s student life coupled with my experiences on various committees makes me an ideal candidate JMAS President.

JMIBA President

Arthur Soares

Hi, my name is Arthur Soares and I am running for President of the John Molson International Business Association (JMBA) for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am currently the Vice President of Corporate Relations in this association, which has helped me understand better how the associative life works in JMSB. I believe this is a strong asset as I will need much less adaptation time if elected.

Throughout the year, I have been organizing a corporate trip to Brazil for International Business students. I have been working closely with a travel agency and I managed to obtain corporate visits for the students in companies like IBM and CNP Insurances in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In order to make the trip more accessible to students in terms of price, I managed to obtain $5,000 from the Special Project Funding of CASA and another $8,000 from the Dean’s Funding. The trip’s organization is now nearly finished as the departure is set to be in May.

Furthermore, I also managed to convince LaMarq, a student residence part of the Centurion group, and Michelin, a famous French multinational, to sponsor our events. They respectively gave $1,000 and $3,000 to the association. In summary, I managed to bring a total of $17,000 to the association.

Having this role throughout the year has brought me a significant amount of experience which I think will be very useful when facing responsibilities and being consistent during my mandate if I’m elected. I have also gained a clear insight of what the strengths of this association are and what needs to be improved.

On that matter, if I am elected, I am planning on creating new events that will hopefully attract a lot more International Business students and add more value to their university experience. Firstly, I noticed a significant decrease in student participation to events and activities organized by associations. I would like to remediate to that by reaching out to people like the International Business Program Director or even the Dean himself, so we could work together on pushing students to participate in the many opportunities that the associations of JMSB offer. In fact, I have had the sense that most people, especially in the International Business Major, do not realize the value that getting involved and participating in these wonderful events adds to their university experience and their degree in general. Therefore, I truly believe that people such as those mentioned above can help make a difference.

Secondly, I would also like to create new events such as recruitment ones were we would bring companies to school that are looking for profiles that match the International Business Program. I would also like to include sessions or even events were we would expose and explain in detail what the International Business major is about, as well as answering questions on a regular basis.

JSBA President

Amanda Onesi

Hello, my name is Amanda Onesi and I am running for President of John Molson Supply Chain & Business Technology Association. I am a second-year student majoring in Business Technology Management and minoring Data Intelligence. Throughout this current academic year, I was fortunate enough to be part of JSBA as the Vice President of Marketing. Through this experience, I have learnt about several aspects of our subsidiary and placed a lot of importance on continuously promoting and creating events that will benefit the student body overall. Throughout my mandate, I will ensure to continue to create and offer students a wide variety of events to broaden their network within the student body and with professionals in their industry.

The first part of my platform is to promote and encourage career opportunities. This will be done by hosting more networking events for students in our majors and partnering with other subsidiaries at JMSB to expand the network of students. Additionally, I will place importance on holding company tours and making students aware of events happening outside of the school; events that would be of benefit to students seeking to enter different industries.

The second part of my platform would be to improve the skills crafting of our student body. JSBA currently holds several Midterm and Final Review sessions that I would like to continue to offer over the course of the next academic year. Furthermore, offering Excel workshops and SAS Coding will remain in our curriculum. To add to this, I would like to introduce new coding opportunities and workshops that would benefit even more students in the hope that when Case Competitions are offered, students willingly put the skills they learnt at our workshops to the test.

The third part of my platform involves increasing student involvement. I would do this by allowing more students to get acquainted with our association through volunteering opportunities throughout the year. Incorporating students will be essential to decision making to ensure our events are catered to the students wants and needs. Over the course of this past academic year, as VP Marketing, I ensured to ask for a lot of feedback from students after events. Thanks to the collected feedback, JSBA will be able to bring next year’s events to brand new heights!

Hopefully this will help you better understand the person that I am and what I would do as John Molson Supply Chain & Business Technology Association’s President for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. I look forward to meeting and hearing all of you! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have!

FISA President

Chris Lafleur-James

My name is Chris, and I’m a second-year Finance student. Prior to JMSB, I was completing a Certificate in Arts & Science at Concordia because I had no idea where my career was headed. I kept it broad and took courses in anything from physics to biology to psychology, with hopes that something would get me hooked. When nothing did, I decided to step away from school for some time and develop a better plan.

There are a fortunate few for whom the path ahead is clear. For many however, making the choice of what to study at an undergraduate level can be challenging. Even once that choice is made, it’s easy to spend most of your time wondering if it was the right choice. Thankfully, I have come to understand that regardless of whether or not you make the “right” or “wrong” choice, there are a wealth of opportunities right here at JMSB to learn and grow beyond the scope of the classroom. The student community at Concordia is incredibly ambitious, organizing workshops, competitions and networking events that provide just as much value as learning theory in class.

For the past year I have been part of this community as VP External for the Finance and Investment Students’ Association (FISA). In joining the team, I wanted to do my 

part in helping to make these opportunities possible. My primary mandate was to build and maintain corporate relationships to ensure that the association had sufficient sponsorship funding to operate for the 2017-2018 academic year.

My experience on FISA’s executive team has given me an appreciation for the planning and logistics required for FISA to operate effectively. Through solid teamwork and motivated leadership, our team successfully executed one of the busiest years to date in terms of number of events held. It has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of this year’s efforts. Seeing how much of an impact a small association can have on the professional development of the students that it represents, I am compelled to carry this experience forward and lead the team over the coming year.

My focus as President would be threefold:

  1.         Make finance less scary. It sounds silly, but I think many people get intimidated by the finance industry once they begin to learn about it. I want to make people comfortable with their selection of finance as a major or minor, and aware of the possibilities and challenges it presents.
  2.         Create more visibility for roles in Corporate Finance. I believe this sector of the finance industry has been under-represented in previous years, despite offering a large number of job opportunities.
  3.         Continue the recent efforts put forth to make the John Molson School of Business a target school for Capital Markets recruiters. In this highly competitive sector, certain big players have taken notice of our school and beginning to recognize the talent that we have to offer. I would carry this momentum forward and continue to seek new ways in which to showcase our students.

It would be a true privilege to represent your interests as President of FISA. Together, we can contribute to making Concordia one of the best schools for undergraduate studies in finance. Thank you for your consideration!

JMMA President

Ioana Tudoran

My name is Ioana Tudoran, and I am currently completing my second year as a Marketing Coop Major. I discovered my passion for marketing during my three-year technical Advertising Management program at Champlain College. I instantly connected with this field that allows for the perfect balance between research, strategy and creativity, and so, from that first cegep semester back in the Fall of 2016, I knew that I would become a marketer, and that I needed to get involved to make it happen. JMMA then quickly appeared as the match made in heaven for me.

During my first year at JMSB, as an Ambassador of JMMA’s Embassy program, I was able to gain valuable hands-on marketing experience and to prove that I was the perfect candidate to take over as Director of the Embassy, executive member of JMMA. In other words, I had finally achieved my dream to be a part of JMMA, an association truly impressive through its quality events and its commitment to all JMSB students. I was thrilled to be able to do my part as Director of the Embassy by finding real-life marketing projects for my 12 Ambassadors. Being able to see this team of mine grow and learn from these opportunities that I created for them has been truly humbling and inspiring, but as I have gained a taste for what it means to give back to my peers, I now want to do so much more as President of JMMA.

As President, my goal is to expand the current marketing academic resources available to all JMSB students, while promoting a sense of community through increased networking and recruitment opportunities as well as interactive workshops.

This year, we have done a great job at respecting a most important JMMA pillar which is inclusivity, and I strongly believe it is important to preserve this commitment to all JMSB students as we can all benefit from knowledge of marketing-based concepts. To further develop this sense of community among JMSB students, I also believe that collaborating with other associations on engaging workshops or events will be an effective way to reach students from all majors.

As for academics, although we have built a strong foundation since its introduction this year, it is now time to take this service to the next level and provide students with more valuable resources and learning experiences. From specific class outlines, to technical and collaborative workshops, I will make sure to listen to your demands, students of JMSB, to build upon them and provide you with real value.

Help me make this vision of an academically rich community a reality JMSB; vote for me; vote for Ioana Tudoran, President of JMMA.

Independent Director

Safwan Hye

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” – Barak Obama.

When I started my journey in JMSB a year ago in pursuit of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Business Technology Management, I was very shy and wasn’t involved at all. But I soon realized that I would be missing out on the university experience if I don’t change myself and become involved. And that drive to become someone who makes a positive impact around him has led me to be involved around school, and I have worked with different associations like Concordi’art, Engineering and Commerce Case Competition, and Bangladeshi Students’ Association as an executive member and volunteered for JMAS, JMIBA, and JSBA. The decision to be involved was one of the best decisions of my life as it enabled me to meet new people and get to know their perspective. It also allowed me to developed skills that I intend to utilize in my mandate as the Independent Director.

As an Independent Director, I plan to focus on academic problems like the shortage of academic advisors and peer tutors since a lot of the students around school are not being able to utilize these essential services because of the lack of academic advisors and peer tutors. I will push to get more advisors and peer tutors to resolve the problem.

Another problem that I heard from the students is that often they miss out on the opportunity to being involved in different associations within CASA. I understand that it’s an amazing opportunity because of the wonderful work that the associations do for the students and missing out can be frustrating. One reason for the problems stems from different associations recruiting in different periods which sometimes make it more difficult to keep track off recruitment. To resolve that, I intend to work with the association executives and see if a common period can be establish for most of the recruitments. Also, I’m planning to pitch the idea of collaborating among associations and do cross-major events so that students know about not only the association of their major but also other associations too. That will enable the students to explore the opportunity of being involved in different associations and gain new experience.

Overall, I do see rooms for improvement and my motto is to work with the other Independent Directors and association executives as well as the executives from CASA to ensure that students are provided with the best possible services in the school.

Thank you for reading and I sincerely urge you to vote in the CASA elections to make sure that you choose the people who will represent YOU and bring about the change that YOU want.

Isaiah Joyner

My name is Isaiah Joyner, and I’m in my 2nd year in Finance. I am running for the position of Independent director. If you have not officially met me yet, chances are you will throughout your time at Jmsb. I am most notably known for asking questions in classes/tutorials and being a social butterfly. I am someone who has a passion for learning and evolving as person. I do this best by getting to know the people around me and the surrounding environment. This passion allows me to easily adapt to my surroundings and has helped me make a positive impact on whatever it is that I am part of. I want to get involved because it will allow to me spread this energy on a larger scale and exposed me to a new environment which I can grow and evolve in. I want the position of independent director because it will allow me to represent the interests of my fellow students. I am a good fit for this position because I have a large and diversified network. Having a large network gives me the benefit of being able to interact with a wide variety of JMSB students. Through these interactions, it gives me a better idea of the type of things that students would like and appreciate. To me every person here at JMSB is like a light in a dark room. This is because each interaction leads to a brighter future and if we all come together then our future will be as bright as the sun itself. If elected, I would like to be a beacon of light that helps leads CASA to a bright future that benefits us all.

Maurice Ngwakum

Dear JMSB Student,

My Name is Maurice F. Ngwakum-Akisa, I am a second year student at JMSB, Majoring in Economics (Bcomm) and Minoring in Computer Science. I am currently running for one of the five Independent Directors of the CASA JMSB Board of Directors!

Before I get into my platform and what the role of Independent Director of the Board entails, I would like you to get to know me! First and foremost, I am a full time International Student who came to Canada in Fall of 2016 and saw snow for the first time that December! I am from a beautiful country in Central West Africa called Cameroon and I was raised in 7 different countries across the continent.

I have been very involved in student life at Concordia and encourage you all to do the same! I am currently President of the African Students Association of Concordia (ASAC), part of the JMCC Jeux De Commerce (JDC) case competition delegation that brought GOLD back to JMSB, and much more! Of all my extracurricular activities I am most passionate about one activity in particular… and that is frequently asking questions in class, so yes, you may recognize me from class!

CASA JMSB’s Board Of Directors is the governing body of CASA and is empowered to set all the policies and regulations that govern CASA. Essentially if CASA were viewed as a company, YOU are a shareholder and the Board Of Directors that is appointed by you and your peers is in charge of making sure that the management of the company you just invested in generates steady cashflow and returns for your portfolio, and does so in a way that is ethically and legally correct!

CASA does an amazing Job every year of organizing amazing events through its subsidiaries that enrich your experience as a student at JMSB and help you get the right experience for future jobs in Canada. As an International student that plans on returning home, working internationally, and not necessarily working in Canada these events do not always apply to me! Yes, there are many efforts made by some of the CASA Associations to get more international recruiters, however, I believe that as an International Student I will be a voice of reason that can constantly remind CASA executives of the importance of the international scene.

We live in a world that is changing by the second, and a very large portion of that change is happening outside of Montreal and outside of Canada; Developing markets have never been so promising (although there is still a long way to go)! I see you and other JMSB students as leaders in tomorrow’s markets, however, you must be equipped with the skills, networks, experiences, and resources to do so. This can only happen if there is someone reminding the executives of its importance, and that someone is me! Go out and VOTE, because that is the only way you can see and be part of change!