Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find and download my Income Tax Receipts?

Income Tax receipts can be found in “My Student Centre” in the MyConcordia portal. Instructions on how to download your receipt can be found here:

Log in MyConcordia Portal_ Click on My Student Centre > Account Inquiry under the Finance Section > Account Services **

How do I know what courses I should take each semester?

Your course sequence will depend on your major. You can make an appointment with an Academic Advisor at the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office or you can refer to this helpful Degree Worksheet to help you plan your semester:

How do I book an appointment with an Academic Advisor at the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office?

To book an appointment with an Academic Advisor, simply visit the link below. New appointment slots will be posted every Wednesdays at 2PM.

Where can I find my exam schedule?

You can find the exam schedule on the MyConcordia portal by following the steps outlined here:

Tentative Exam Schedules are posted as follows:

Tentative exam schedule posting Exam period
Mid-October December
Mid-February April

How can I register for my courses?

In order to register for your courses, you will need to access “My Student Centre” by logging on to the MyConcordia portal.  Detailed steps on how to enroll in your courses can be found here:

Where can I find printers in Concordia?

  1. R.O. Willis Computer lab located in MB S1.465.

You can use the printers located in the Library in the LB Building. Steps on how to use the DPrint system, and how add funds to your account can be found here:

What are some popular non-business electives that I can take?

CHEM 208 (Online class)

THEO 206 (Online class) 

AHSC 242 (Online class)

EXCI 251, EXCI 233 

INTE 290 


RELI 216

GEOL 208

INST 250

FINA 210

ANTH 202

How do I pay for my tuition?

The university will not accept cash.

You can pay for tuition using the following methods of payment: Online Interac payment service, online/web banking or telephone banking, online credit card payment, ATM in Canada, by Canada Post, International Wire Transfer Payment, In-person payments.

Visit the link below for more detailed steps on the various payment methods.

Where can I download or request a copy of my official or unofficial transcript?

You can get a copy of your official/unofficial transcripts by visiting your “My Student Center” on the MyConcordia portal.

To view and download your unofficial transcript, follow the steps here:

To make a request for an official transcript, follow the steps outlined here:

Do I have Dental and Health Plan? Where can I find dental care and healthcare professionals?

Undergraduate students registered for more than three credits and paying tuition fees at either Canadian or Quebec rates are automatically covered by the Concordia Student Union (CSU) Health and Dental Plan, the cost of which is included in your tuition bill.

To find your nearest dental care and healthcare professionals visit

Can I still submit a claim for healthcare services done outside of the professional network from the website?

Yes, you can still download and submit a claim form by following the steps here:

Can I opt out of the CSU Dental and Health Plan?

Yes, you can. If you are covered by another private insurer you can opt out of this fee during and only during the set opt-out period found here:

How can I get involved in student life? When can I apply to student associations and committees?

Fortunately, there are many student associations and committees under the CASA umbrella that may interest you. Make sure to follow each association and committee’s Facebook page to find out their recruitment dates.

You can also volunteer for our CASA and our subsidiaries’ events.

There are also many other volunteering opportunities on-campus that caters to your specific interests. Visit for more details.

What do I do if my professor refuses to let me see my final exam?

You should first begin by contacting the course coordinator. If you receive no response you can contact the following individuals by respecting the following chain of command: Chair of the Department > Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs (Dr. George Kanaan).

Can I retake a class that I failed or simply want to get a better grade on? Will it completely replace my grade? When will the new CGPA appear with my grade?

As outlined in the Concordia website:

  • A student may repeat a failed course only once. Nevertheless, a student who fails a required course twice may appeal to the appropriate Student Request Committee for permission to take the course a third time. If permission is not granted, the student may not be allowed to continue in the University towards that program and/or degree.
  • A student who has received a passing grade for a course may repeat the course for personal reasons (e.g. to meet an external requirement) only once. A student may appeal to the appropriate Student Request Committee for permission to take the course a third time. The student record and official transcript will include all grades, but grades with the “REPT” notation will carry no credit value.
  • A student who wants or needs to repeat a course that is prerequisite to other courses must do so before taking any following course in the sequence.
  • The grade corresponding to the latest attempt of the course will be used for calculating the cumulative grade point average and the final graduation grade point average.
  • In the case of courses taken more than once in the same assessment period, only the grade corresponding to the latest attempt of the course will be used in the calculation of the assessment grade point average.
  • A grade obtained as the result of a penalty for academic misconduct will remain in the calculation of the AGPA, the CGPA, and the FGGPA whether or not the course has been repeated.

Can I view my grades on my phone without logging into the MyConcordia Portal?

Concordia’s personalized messaging service, available via the portal, will send texts to your mobile phone or email account alerting you of class cancellations, and will inform you when there’s an emergency situation on campus.

To sign up, log in to the MyConcordia portal, select messaging and text the appropriate commands to 62424.

Am I allowed to contest a grade?

Yes you can, you can follow the detailed steps in order to do so using the link below:

Can I still get a refund for eConcordia online course fees after I dropped my course?

Requests for refunds must be made through the eConcordia site and must meet the conditions listed below.

A full refund for the Course Material fee will be issued to students who withdraw from the course and submit a refund request for Course Material access fee, by logging in to the eConcordia site, by Concordia University’s DNE deadline each term.

  •    Please visit: Concordia University’s Academic dates page for important calendar dates.
  •    No refund requests on Course Material fees are accepted or processed after the DNE date.

If the refund is approved, you are refunded on the credit card or debit card used for the payment.

Refund request procedure:

To request a refund on your Course Material fee, login to the eConcordia website, select My Account, then select Receipts/Refund Requests, then proceed as instructed. If the refund is approved, you are refunded on the credit card or debit card used for the payment.

For more information, please visit:

Can I still drop a course after the DISC deadline?

Student Request Committees consider requests from students for exceptions to the rules governing the retroactive or late withdrawal (DNE) from a course(s). In exceptional cases, students may apply for a full or partial refund of tuition fees for a discontinued (DISC) course.

Information and online application forms are available on the student portal (MyConcordia Menu » Student Administrative Affairs » UG Student Requests).

Students should read the information and application request forms carefully before making a submission. Requests that do not meet the criteria of the SRC and requests submitted without the correct supporting will automatically be denied.

What do I do if I want to take a course but haven’t completed the prerequisite course?

You may fill out a student request form and submit it to the undergraduate office at MB 4.201. You can either download and print the form from the link below or you can also find it at the UG office.

What courses do you recommend I take if I want to apply to JMSB?

Applicants to the JMSB programs must have completed the following five profile courses (or their equivalents) prior to admission:

  •    MATH 208 (Linear Algebra)
  •    MATH 209 (Calculus I)
  •    ECON 201 (Microeconomics)
  •    ECON 203 (Macroeconomics)
  •    BTM 200 (Information Technology)

Additionally, a minimum average of 2.70 (B-) is required for both MATH 208 and MATH 209 if completed at the university level. Students who received exemptions for MATH 208 and/or MATH 209 at the CEGEP level should have achieved at least 70% in each of these courses. If not, the student must repeat the course and achieve the minimum grade required prior to consideration for admission to the program.

Can I still write my final exam if I am abroad (ie, taking an eConcordia course from abroad)?

Yes, final exams can be written in JMSB approved international universities. Please contact any Academic Advisor for the list of these universities.

How do I apply for graduation?

You can apply for graduation my following these steps: Go to My Student Centre > other academics > apply for graduation.

What can I do when I have two or three exams in a row?

You must report an exam conflict in order to be granted an alternate exam. To report a conflict, go to your personal exam schedule in the MyConcordia portal before the deadline.

In many cases you will be able to select the exam to be written as an alternate, but sometimes you will have no choice. In general, alternates are scheduled for the first Sunday that follows the original exam date.

If you have two exams at the same date and time:

  •    Report the conflict
  •    Decide which exam you will write on the originally scheduled day and which one you will write on the alternate day
  •    If you don’t decide before the established deadline, the Examinations Office will choose for you.

If you have three exams in a row:

  •    Decide if you want to write them all at the date and time scheduled, or choose one to write an alternate
  •    Report your conflict and choice by the deadline

    •    If you don’t choose an alternate exam before the established deadline, the Examinations Office will not choose for you; you will have to write the exam at the originally schedule date and time.

What happens if I missed the deadline to report an exam conflict?

If you miss the deadline to report a conflict, you must call the Examinations Office at 514-848-2424, ext. 2608, 2609 or 2676 to report it.

What constitutes an exam conflict?

The university uses the following criteria to define conflicts:

    1    Two or more exams scheduled at the same day and time

    2    Three exams scheduled in consecutive time blocks, for example:  

    ◦    9:00 am, 2:00 pm, 7:00 pm

    ◦    2:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:00 am

    ◦    7:00 pm, 9:00 am, 2:00 pm

    3    An exam scheduled at the same time as a religious observance.

    4    An exam scheduled at a time when an employer will deny time off.

For legitimate conflicts, you may write an alternate exam.  

The following are not considered exam conflicts:

  •    Two exams on the same day
  •    Three exams in 24 or 48 hours

    •    Personal travel plans

What is the Co-op program?

“The JMSB Co-op programs offer you the unique opportunity to give your career plans a head-start. As a JMSB Co-op student, you will be able to apply what you learn in class to three paid work terms. Plus your work terms will allow you to explore different types of jobs in your chosen major and, in the process, develop a better understanding of what interests and motivates you.”

For more information on the Co-op program, visit

Where can I go to add or remove a JMSB minor? Or change my JMSB Major?

You can fill out the form below and submit it to the undergraduate office at MB 4.201

Will I receive a refund when I drop out of the Co-op program?

Students who withdraw from the co-op program on or before the published DNE withdrawal deadline will receive a refund or financial credit on their student account for the co-op fee if it has already been paid.

Students who withdraw from the co-op program after the published DNE withdrawal deadline will not receive a refund or financial credit for the co-op fee.

Will I receive a refund when I drop a course?

Yes, and no.

There are 2 different kinds of withdrawal/drop deadlines. One will generate a refund or a financial credit on the student’s account; the other will not.

DNE (Did not enter) withdrawal deadline = full refund or financial credit on account

If you drop a course before the DNE deadline, you will not be charged any fees and you can obtain a refund for any courses for which you had already paid.

DISC (Discontinued) withdrawal deadline = no refund or financial credit on account

If you drop a course after the DNE deadline and before the DISC deadline, you will see a DISC grade notation on your student record. You will be held financially responsible and must pay for all the fees for the discontinued course, even if you never attended a single class. After all, by registering for and then not dropping the course, you have reserved a seat in the classroom that cannot be filled by another student.