Special Projects Funding

Winter 2018 Deadline: February 9th, 2018 at 11:59 PM

Special Funding Overview

The objective of this Policy is to outline the guidelines and processes by which the Special Project Committee will allocate funding and evaluate membership requests to join the CASA umbrella as an Association or Committee.

Funding Application and Selection Process

– A description of the initiative;
– A detailed budget highlighting both revenues and expenses;
– A clear disclosure of the amount of funding being requested;
– A list of the members of the initiative’s organizing committee.

Once you have these completed, submit your application to events@casajmsb.ca with the subject “SPF Application”.

Principles and Guidelines

– Must bring regional, provincial, national and/or international representation to the JMSB and the CASA;
– Must promote participation of JMSB students at large;
– Must be extraordinary in nature;
– The funding applicants (be the CASA, one of its Subsidiaries, or regular members of the CASA) must have exhausted all other sources of funding before applying for SPF.
– Must focus on a unique purpose or student group not currently catered to or represented;
– Must bring proven value to the JMSB and the CASA umbrella;
– Must have a significant amount of student interest in the prospective Subsidiary;
– Must provide a realistic annual budget.
– Must provide a detailed constitution and strategic plan with a minimum of a three-year outlook.
– Must be aligned with the CASA Strategic Plan.